Electrify Video Partners Announces Landmark Investment in Simple History

Electrify Video Partners, a pioneering next-generation media company dedicated to investing in and scaling digital creator businesses, proudly announces its latest investment in the animated history channel Simple History. This strategic partnership marks Electrify’s first investment in the history genre, as the company expands its portfolio of informative and inspirational content. 

Simple History is known for its informative and engaging animated videos that cover various historical events, figures and topics in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. The channel’s videos use simple animations and narration to present historical facts, making it accessible to viewers of all ages. Simple History covers a wide range of subjects, from ancient civilizations to modern conflicts, and has garnered a large following for its educational content.

The channel was created by Daniel Turner in 2014. With a growing subscriber base and a track record of producing high-quality historical content, Simple History has earned acclaim for its unique approach to exploring the past and bringing history to life in a compelling and accessible manner. Turner, a history enthusiast and illustrator, wanted to make history more accessible and engaging for a wider audience, particularly for younger viewers and those who may find traditional historical resources daunting or uninteresting.

Electrify recognised the potential of Simple History to become a leading destination for history enthusiasts seeking immersive and informative content on YouTube and beyond. By investing in this channel, Electrify aims to support its continued growth and expansion, enabling it to develop innovative content formats, reach new audiences, and expand beyond content.

Commenting on the investment, Ian Shepherd, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Electrify Video Partners stated, "We are thrilled to announce our investment in Simple History and to partner with such a talented team of content creators, led by Daniel. At Electrify Video Partners, we are passionate about supporting digital content that informs and inspires audiences. Simple History exemplifies these qualities with its unique style and rich library of historical content. We look forward to collaborating closely with Daniel and his team to unlock new opportunities for growth and success."

Simple History founder and creator, Daniel Turner, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "I am excited to join forces with Electrify Video Partners and grateful for their belief in my vision. This investment and support will empower us to take our channel to the next level, enabling us to produce even more compelling content and reach a wider audience of history enthusiasts around the globe. The Electrify team will enable us to expand onto new platforms and grow the brand beyond content in a way I couldn’t do on my own."

For more information about Electrify Video Partners and its brand portfolio, please visit www.electrify.video or email press@electrify.video.

### About Electrify Video Partners:

Electrify Video Partners is a next-generation digital media company which invests in and scales established creator businesses. Electrify focuses on informative and inspirational content including science, astronomy and history. The company was established in May 2021 and has since made six large investments.

### About Simple History:

Simple History was created by Daniel Turner in 2013, initially beginning with illustrated self published books, before expanding to YouTube. The channel's content consists of short animated videos. covering various historical topics. Each video is narrated with concise explanations and accompanied by animations that help illustrate key points and events.